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Plastic Name Tags

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Here's the latest on plastic name tags:

a. Per section 3.F.1. of the Coast Guard Uniform Manual, active duty and Reserve personnel are authorized to wear plastic name tags that display first and last names in lieu of the standard name tag (last name only). They may also display an unofficial-but-Coast-Guard-recognized insignia, such as a SAR or NATON school pin, on such name tag. This applies only to plastic name tags, not to cloth name tapes. The full name and "U. S. COAST GUARD" legend letter sizes must be the same as for the standard nametag. Commands have the authority to require the standard name tag when a higher level of uniformity is necessary.

b. Auxiliarists are similarly authorized to wear plastic name tags with first and last names displayed. A displayed first name must be the individual's full common first name or conventional shortened derivative (e.g. - "Mike" instead of "Michael"). Nicknames or parenthesized names are not authorized (e.g. Doc, Mac, Lefty). No insignia are authorized on such name tags. Auxiliarists must also have a standard name tag for when a higher level of uniformity is necessary.
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