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Helpful Fingerprint Information

Solution There are questions/issues regarding "unclassifiable" fingerprints. If prints cannot be read at OPM they will come back as "unclassifiable". They do not provide any specifics other than they are "unclassifiable" and new fingerprints must be submitted.

Although the application calls for two sets of prints we have always sent in three, so that SECCEN has an option to send what may be the best ones. Then, if they come back "unclassifiable there is another card to send. OPM has a very short turnaround time (10 days) for additional prints.

The U.S. Department of Justice, FBI has a handout on Capturing Legible Fingerprints(see attached). This has proven to be very helpful in determining if a PSI Package is going forward to SECCEN or if new fingerprints are needed. Since using this the number of "unclassifiable" prints we receive has been drastically reduced.

The fingerprint cards that we received from ANSC have the same ORI information on all of them


Initially we were told it needed to be changed to reflect our ORI information, so we have been putting stickers on them. OPM no longer uses ORI Codes, so if you have been changing it there is no need to and it is acceptable if that block is blank.

A list of the proper codes to used on all fingerprint cards is also attached. These are the only codes that are to be used on the fingerprint cards.

SECCEN shared a few examples of some prints they have received in the past to show errors. They are not from any one District but there are helpful.

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Fingerprint_Codes.pdf Fingerprint_Codes.pdf
capturing-legible-fingerprints.pdf capturing-legible-fingerprints.pdf
Fingerprint_Errors.pdf Fingerprint_Errors.pdf

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