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Levels of Membership

Solution USCG Auxiliary Levels of Membership The US Coast Guard Auxiliary recognizes four membership levels:

• Approval Pending (AP) An applicant has completed and submitted all of the application paperwork defined in Chapter 3 of the Auxiliary Manual and is waiting for a favorable Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) determination.

• Initially Qualified (IQ): Once a member has gotten a favorable PSI determination, DIRAUX will change the member’s status in AUXDATA from AP to IQ. A member will be listed as IQ only if they have received a favorable PSI, but have not taken and passed a recognized Boating Safety Course.

• Basically Qualified (BQ): Members who have taken one of the recognized Boating Safety Courses and have received a favorable PSI will be listed as BQ.

• Operational Auxiliarist (AX): A member may also obtain the prestigious level of Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) by completing the requirements outlined in the Auxiliary Manual.
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