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TCT Bulletin # 2 - 01 September 2013

Solution Effective September 1, 2013, Auxiliarists who are selected and meet
criteria in accordance with the following provisions are authorized to
deliver Initial and Five Year currency maintenance Team Coordination
Training (TCT) to other Auxiliarists. Auxiliary TCT Facilitators for
active duty crews shall continue to be trained and qualified through the legacy process, and they must undergo this selection process in order to deliver TCT to other Auxiliarists. Additionally, new Initial and Five Year Currency Maintenance TCT Workshops are intended to be delivered in half-day sessions, respectively. They have been developed to encourage greater participation in the training process and to better utilize experienced Auxiliarists in their presentation.

a. TCT Facilitator Selection Process:

(1) An Auxiliarist must be nominated by his/her
Flotilla Commander (FC) or Division Commander (DCDR) and then be
approved through the Auxiliary chain of leadership to the cognizant
District Captain (DCAPT) or District Directorate Chief (DDC), with an
info copy to the District Commodore (DCO).

(2) A nominee approved by the DCAPT or DDC shall be
submitted to the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) for selection and
designation as a TCT Facilitator.

(3) A nominee must possess either of the following

(a) Certified Instructor and certified
Coxswain, or certified Instructor and non-current Coxswain who has
logged at least 250 Coxswain hours in AUXDATA; or

(b) Certified Instructor and either certified
First Pilot or Aircraft Commander, or certified Instructor and
non-current First Pilot or Aircraft Commander who has logged at least
150 Pilot hours in AUXDATA.

b. Nominees shall be selected based on proven excellence in
these fields and their ability to communicate effectively. Initial
designation as a TCT Facilitator will be for three years, after which
he/she must be re-designated by the Director. TCT Facilitators shall be
reevaluated based on their performance or participation during this

c. These TCT Facilitators shall be labeled in AUXDATA as
"TCTAUX" (TCT Facilitators who receive their designation via completion of Coast Guard training shall maintain the label of "TCTFAC" in AUXDATA). TCT Facilitators who are not re-designated at the conclusion of their three year period will be placed in REYR status in AUXDATA. Failure to be re-designated by the DIRAUX during the next five consecutive years in REYR status shall result in complete loss of this designation. The only way for a TCT Facilitator to again perform such activity will be to undergo the entire selection process.

d. The DIRAUX shall have sole authority to designate or remove these TCT Facilitators.

e. The following resource materials will be available on the
Auxiliary Response Directorate website

(1) TCT Slide Presentation
(2) TCT Facilitator Guide
(3) TCT Participant Guide

For further information contact: TCT Coordinator John V. Davis Flotilla 070-14-04
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