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Unit or flotilla owned facilities

Solution Unit or flotilla owned facilities are the sole financial responsibility of the flotilla and are NOT covered under the same provisions as member owned facilities with regard to damage claims. Flotilla owned facilities are considered government property and therefore not eligible for damage reimbursement under the provisions provided in the DAMAGE CLAIM HANDBOOK MLCLANTINST 5890.3A. Payment for loss of auxiliary owned equipment is precluded by section 8-E of the Claims and Litigation Manual (COMDTINST M5890.9). All repairs to flotilla owned facilities will have to be made at the expense of the flotilla. Based on this policy, flotillas with unit owned assets are highly encouraged to get insurance for their facilities, although it is my understanding that this type of insurance is not only hard
to come by but also very expensive. Please consider this policy before acquiring assets for your flotilla.

CWO4 C. W. Acklin
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