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Relatives signing off

Solution Subject: Relatives signing off

Relatives signing each other off is not prohibited however, it is not
the preferred or recommended procedure and should be the exception
rather than the normal procedure. In the event there is an exception to the normal procedure and a relative does sign off a PQS, the following shall apply:

The DSO shall attach a letter requesting an exception that includes a
statement describing why it was necessary for the relatives to sign each other off, and that sign-offs by anyone else was not feasible or
practical. Once received the OTO will then make a determination as the validity of the request and either accept or reject the PQS. If the PQS is rejected the member will be required to complete the PQS in its entirety again without any relatives signing off.

Every attempt should be made to eliminate family members from the PQS
process and use other qualified members to sign off. This procedure
does not preclude relatives from assisting, training or otherwise
helping family members during the PQS process.

CWO4 C. W. Acklin
D7 Miami (dpa)
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