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Can I qualify for Certifications?

Solution Can I qualify for Certifications?

Members in AP status can be in one of two categories
1. If the member is AP and does not have a Boating course he is considered IQ without a security determination. He cannot have any qualifications.

2. If a member is AP and has a boating course he is considered BQ without a security determination. The member may qualify in most areas with the exception of Coxswain or any Air program.

(1) Auxiliarists in AP status may train in any program like any other Auxiliarists in IQ, BQ, or AX status. This includes mentor assignments, workshop attendance, and enrollment in Coast Guard or Coast Guard Auxiliary ―C‖ schools. However, they may not displace any Auxiliarists in IQ, BQ, or AX status who desire to participate in any training venue.

(2) Auxiliarists in AP status must successfully complete BQ status requirements identified in section 8.B.1.c of this Manual in order to qualify in any Auxiliary program authorized for them.

(3) Auxiliarists in AP status may perform and have signed-off all tasks that must be completed to earn qualification in any program, with the exception of those aviation competency tasks that must be performed in an airborne facility.

Auxiliarists in IQ status are not authorized to be qualified by the Director in Auxiliary programs that require BQ status until they meet the criteria in paragraph B.

8.B.1.c. Basically Qualified (BQ) Status:

To achieve BQ status, an Auxiliarist must have completed all of the requirements for IQ status and must have successfully completed one of the following courses which must be approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA):
(a) Boating Skills and Seamanship (BS&S)
(b) America‘s Boating Course (ABC)
(c) About Boating Safely (ABS)
(d) Sailing Fundamentals (SF)
(e) Sailing Skills and Seamanship (SS&S)
(f) Boating Safely Circular (BSC)
(g) U.S. Power Squadrons (USPS) Boating or Boat Smart Course
(h) A State boating safety course (minimum eight-hour duration and other than child-specific)

(4) Written / online exams must be completed within the past 5 years for certification.
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